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Kerr's Tire Korner only sells the best:

Dayton Bridgestone Firestone Delta Mastercraft


DaytonHR Tires

Quadra LE

This standard load all season tire features a treadlife warranty of 70,000

dayton tires

Timberine AT-II

All-Terraine Tire with an aggressivly rugged tread look.

james and tires




















Insignia Tire

Insignia SE200

The combination of wide-flow through grooves and silica infused treads make this a high performing wet-handling tire. The Insignia SE200 is an all season passenger tire backed by a powerful warranty.


Dueler A/T Revo 2

Rough terrain has nothing on this medium duty tire. The compounds added to the rubber as well as the specific cut of the tread make this tire a long lasting wet and snow condition handler.

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firestone logo

firestone tire


This popular, all season tire with it's biting edged improve handling in snow.


winterforce tire


With the help of computer designed treads this tire delivers exceptional performance in winter weather conditions

destination le tires

Destination LE

Command and Comfort combine to provide an exceptional ride for your light duty truck or SUV.

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Delta Logo


Esteem Tourning HR

The tire for long distance applications.

Deta Mud Trac


All season tire features independant tread blocks for exceptional water flow-thru and increases road contact.

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Master Craft Tires

Avenger tires

Avenger Touring LSR

A 60,000 mile tread warrantee make this the perfect all-season tire.

Strategy Tires


A standard load, all season tire with a 60,000 tread warrantee.

Mastercraft Tires


All weather tire with 40,000 mile protection.Distinctive groove pattern for better all-over tread wear and performance.


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